Encore Boston Harbor Grand Opening

Encore Boston Harbor opened June 23 to huge crowds and much fanfare.  Casino Chi joined in on the fun to preview some of the exciting happenings for future tours.  We first parked in the covered garage (free until July 1) and entered the West entrance.  We had to walk all the way to the Eastern Main entrance to see the amazing water views, luxury water taxis, and grand lobby.  Flowers, a working decorative merry go round, and majestic escalators provide many great photo opportunities.

Working our way to the South Wing, where the outdoor Barbecue on the lawn was being held, we found this great artwork from Takashi Murakami.

Many great restaurants are available, Like "Red 8" which is next to the asian gaming area.  Play Baccarat or Pai Gow, or many other popular games.  There is a large poker area, which was nearly full when we got there, and a VIP poker area for the high rollers.

Many great shows are coming to the theaters very soon.  

Casino Chi partners with Shanghai New Comfort International Travel Co., Ltd.


To provide customers with increased dependability we are working with Shanghai New Comfort, a well respected travel tour company in China since 2011.  This is one of the top tour companies in China.  Our first dual tour is our College and University and High School tours starting this summer.  Book through New Comfort or directly through Casino Chi. Send us an email and mention this article to receive your 5% discount.

Exciting New Tour for Chinese Students Coming to Boston for College Matriculation

Every Autumn in Boston, despite the last glorious rays of summer spreading earlier shadows over the beaches of Cape Cod and the waters of Boston Harbor, it is not a sad time.  This is because the city is coming alive with new excitement, as thousands upon thousands of students  return to their college campuses.  From near and far the students come with an earnestness to learn and to experiment with life away from home.  This year, Casino Chi plans to welcome them with new adventure.

The concept began as a partnership with the Boston University Chinese Students and Scolars Association, whose mission is to promote academic and cultural exchanges amongst Chinese students and scholars with other communities' cultures.  Casino Chi works towards these same goals.  And so the gears began to churn, and the idea of welcoming new Chinese students enrolled at many of Boston's colleges and universities to their new home, and to do so in style, was born.

For the firs time, Freshmen students will be able to connect in a fun and educational manner with other students.  Friendships will be made, and the transition to life away from parents' loving eyes will be made a bit easier.  Perhaps it will also be good for parents, who are seeing their beloved fly away on the power of their own wings. Visitors joining Casino Chi will spend 2 days in Boston, 2 in New York City, and 2 in Washington D.C.  Days will be full of opportunities and comforts, sights and sounds, laughter and smiling.

If you are a new student coming to Boston, why not bring your family along for one final special trip.  After all, it may never be the same.

One Can Learn Almost Anything at the Boston Public Library

It’s a rainy day in Boston, and I find myself seeking comfort at the Boston Public Library.  Amid the 23.7 million volumes of books, incunabules, and Toulouse-Lautrec prints, there is a space for me at a desk, with a small lamp, and an outlet for my laptop.  From my spot-for-the-day, on the second floor overlooking the main lobby, I can choose to study, or to stare out at the passersby on Boylston Avenue; umbrellas drawn against the wind and rain blowing down from the sky and back up off the stone sidewalks.  While they get wet, I will get an education.

The Sargent Gallery, Boston Public Library 3rd Fl.

My cellphone is already charging, while I flip on the computer, and contemplate what it is that should occupy my next two to three hours.  I’ve decided it should be something productive yet unique, challenging yet not overtaxing for a mind that has been too busy with more important things.  I’ve hit upon the subject, but is there such a source within the unfathomable confines of this venerable building?  The answer, of course, is yes. After a brief search on the computer catalogue “The Basics of Winning Blackjack” appears in the query results;   Location GV1295, status- available.


Now Blackjack is no foreign subject to me.  In 1993 I dealt cards at one of the new Riverboats on the Mississippi River.  But the rules have changed from those days of six decks and 49% odds if you could count cards.  So much so, that when I sat down to a pair of Aces at the Seneca Niagara Resort a few years ago, and I dutifully split, I was rewarded with a 2 on one and a three on the other.  I signaled for another card on top but was rebuffed.  “Only one card on a split sir.”

There goes my lobster dinner.

The Washington Room, Boston Public Library, 2nd Fl.

Nowadays it is eight decks, limited splits, and long odds even at a game historically friendly to the occasional gamer or a career path for the expert.  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun.  Just go in prepared.  Let’s start with my predicament, a pair of Aces, a Dead Man’s Hand no less, since like Wild Bill Hickock I held all black, and then we’ll move on from there.  Let’s learn about splitting.

Puvis de Chavannes Murals, BPL, Chavannes Gallery, 2nd Fl.

I knew very well, and didn’t hesitate, to split these low cards.  Even at their face value, they were worth a mere 12, hardly likely to beat the dealer with an 8 showing.  So despite the results the end didn’t need to justify the means.  I could also get a 10 card on each Ace, and have two unbeatable hands and quite a take for a seat that wasn’t even warm yet.

The fact that I ended up losing both makes no difference; it was still the right play.  But should one always split Aces as conventional wisdom says?  Really, it depends on how serious a player you are.  If one counts cards, then one should not split Aces when the count is unfavorable (-1, -2, or -3, let’s say.).  One should hit to improve a 12, given the unlikelihood of a bust.  


Now eights are a different story.  Even now, one can split 8s and then subsequently split again, or hit, or even double down.  This makes it highly advantageous to split because 16 is the worst possible hand to be dealt at the table.  Even a 16 not comprised of 8s is worth the risk of a bust many times depending on what the dealer has showing.  But splitting eights allows the chance of two hands of 18, especially when the count is favorable (say +2, +3, or +4).  One does not want to split 8s, however, when the deck is favorable and the dealer has an 9 or 10 showing.  The reason is simple; if the deck is favorable to you, then it is also favorable to the dealer, who likely has a ten as a down card. His 19 will beat both your hands.  Better to surrender, or even hit two eights without splitting in this situation.


Ok, so I didn’t learn so much today at the library. But maybe you did. Fortunately the sky over Boston is clearing and I can go out and enjoy an afternoon by the Charles and maybe a show at the Wang Center.  Looks like Eddie Izzard is playing.  Be sure to join us on our next tour and I’ll give you some additional free tips, and one heck of a tour around our Capital.

Massachusetts Gaming Commission Rules Encore Boston Harbor Gets to Keep its License

In 2014 the controversial decision to allow gaming in Massachusetts was made, and three licenses were awarded for construction of resorts in three regions of The Commonwealth.  Wynn Resorts won the right to construct its resort in the Eastern part of the state.  However, when 2018 rolled around and allegations of sexual harassment and workplace rape were made against Steve Wynn, the company's CEO and namesake, their endeavor was placed in hot water.  The Massachusetts Gaming Commission underwent an evaluation, followed by hearings, to determine whether the organization was still suitable to hold the license.

After intense testimony, and weeks of nailbiting, on April 30, 2019, under its new name "Encore" Wynn's vision remains a reality.  The Gaming Commission allowed Encore to keep its license.  Although the decision did come with a slap on the wrist, that being a $35 Million fine.  Compared to the $2.6 Billion invested in construction of the resort, it's hardly burdensome.

You can be part of the excitement this June when the resort opens.  CasinoChi will be there ready to treat you to more than just a game.

Enjoy the Flowers, It's Springtime in Boston

As Springtime tempts Boston with its brightening skies and warming temperatures, flowers begin to make their appearance in a most spectacular way.  Whether it be the pink and orange tulips which line the streets of the Back Bay or the daffodils adorning the Boston Public Garden, the signal is clear; winter is over, and the promise of summer is just around the bend.

A post shared by Boston ⒸⒶⓈⒾⓃⓄ Traveller (@upfrom50) on Apr 28, 2019 at 5:07pm PDT

One cloudy and drizzling day, I walked past the Boston Public Library and stopped to appreciate these lovely yellow tulips from Copley Square.

Then it was on to the Public Garden where swan boats sat waiting just beyond some pink bulbs. 


There are Magnolias and Crocuses in the South End, azaleas on Beacon Hill  and narcissus, along the Rose Kennedy Greenway.  But the most spectacular of all, perhaps, are the Cherry Blossoms adorning the Charles River Esplanade.   At the top you can see the Weeping Cherry (Shidarezakura in Japan), but there are many other varieties: Somei Yoshino, Hill Cherry (Yamazakura), and the Edohigan to name a few.

A post shared by Boston ⒸⒶⓈⒾⓃⓄ Traveller (@upfrom50) on Apr 28, 2019 at 5:08pm PDT

Cherry blossoms are a relatively new addition to the flora of Boston, making their appearance in 2012 along the Charles River.  See them quickly, though, for their beauty is truly fleeting.  The pink and white petals last but a week or less, and their beauty dies in a blizzard of heavenly proportions.  Known as Hanafubuki (Fubuki means "snow storm" and Hana is flowers), this storm is brought about by a strong gust of wind and a tincture of time.  But they will live on in our memories, leaving time to appreciate many other flowers in our fair city which persist throughout summer.  My favorite are the Rhododendrons.

That's What Friends Are For

What is life without friends?  Here is Dr. Brackman with lifelong friends from his home town of Stoughton, Massachusetts.  As you can see, everyone has a hearty smile.  Why is this?  Because life is better and happier when one is surrounded by friends.  Traveling is no different.  That is why Casino Chi encourages you to book a trip with as many friends as possible.  We'll even give you a discount for your large group.  All you have to do is contact us via the contact form, our our WeChat (CasinoChi) and we can give you a deal that will put a smile on your and your friends' faces too.

Casino Just Became a Verb

You took English grammar in school.  You were always taught the word casino was a noun; referring to a public room or building where gambling games are played.  But times have changed, and Casino Chi just made casino a verb.  That's because we've reinvented what it means to casino.

Today people don't want to just sit and pump coins into slots, and sit around a table all day playing cards.  They want the excitement that gaming has to offer, but also the sightseeing, the cuisine, and the culture of the amazing locations where casino is happening.  Some of the greatest cities in the world have casinos, newest among them Boston.  

Casino Chi plans to take you to these great locations as a tourist, not a gamer, but why not casino while you're there.